Papier peint personnalisé

Our high-performance machines allow us to have impeccable print quality.

Custom wallpaper easy to install many nevertheless rest it keeps all its constraints : Your wall should be coated and sanded to have defects during installation.

Acril' stretched fabric it classic installs on the ceilings and walls, wholly or partially. No preparation, very clean construction, fast, scalable. The base fabric is a polyester with acrylic coating. The fabric is fire (M1) Virgin, and fire once printed even with a high rate of inking (400%).

The advantage of system voltage Acril'it is that it has needs no preparation.

For positioning you see what seems more coordinated.
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Same print with a high rate of inking the fabric is classified non fire (M1)


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Différents tissus sont proposés : le tissu tendu Classique pour plafonds et murs, le tissu tendu Acoustique pour assurer l’isolation acoustique, le tissu tendu Rétrodiffusant pour jouer avec les images et la lumière.

concept de tissu tendu classique personnalisé concept de tissu tendu acoustique personnalisé concept de tissu tendu rétrodiffusant personnalisé concept de tissu tendu - papier peint personnalisé sublimation - impression tissu personnalisé

You want to discover more of technical details sur le concept de tissu tendu ?
> Read the Wikipedia article

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