Research and Innovation

research and innovation

Support and canvas

In research and innovation, our teams of technicians select and work with the biggest manufacturers for high-performance media.

Our stretched fabrics meet the most demanding standards :


Fire classification

Our tissus tendus benefit from a classification M1 even once printed whatever ink load.


Environmental protection

Without PVC and chlorine the tissus tendus are perfectly ecological and register in the HEQ approach (High environmental quality).


Ease of maintenance

The tissus tendus can be cleaned in thesoapy water, to the steam where with the cleaning wipes. Unlike traditional textiles, Our fabrics does not retain dust.

Packing and delivery

The peculiarity of tissus tendus Acril’it allows a package by folding without alter the textile or printing. Wrinkles will disappear entirely after voltage.
Rational and reduced packaging (carton 60 x 60 x 12 cm) allows to ship economically and in record time a significant number of m² at the other end of the world.



Like all our products, printing such as the hue are made in our own factory. Our unit is fitted with latest print technologies, developed by those who are regarded as the best in their field.
The inks used, with of theNordic ecolabel "Nordic swan" have absolutely No odor. Without solvents / Residue-free / Without purges or garbage that cause machines using aqueous technologies or other devices known as 'green '..

This is in perfect harmony with our philosophy of respect for the environment : Green printing.