Design customization

Design, Updated the tint and printing


Our team of designers as well as some big names in international design accustomed to work with our company offer a choice of colors and patterns but also of photographs. Our team will be at your disposal in order to create with you exclusive décor. Your home decor.

Monochrome or custom



White : Our fabrics are all pure white that does not yellow. Black : le intense Black Our fabrics will create worlds and unique environments.

The tinted

Acril'it offers you through his process a very large selection of solid colors.

The Design

Choose a Visual, a photo, a text, We will create for you your home decor. Our graphic designers are at your disposal to give life to your ideas. We can perform simulations Thanks to photos that you provide to us and you to preview your project, to see the front / the after before starting work.

Choice of the Visual



When you choose your Visual it is important to respect the proportions wall or ceiling you want to dress up and choose a suitable Visual. For example, it will be difficult to adapt a Visual format 'landscape' If your wall is rather of the format "portrait".. Our team graphic is there to guide you and advise you.


You can choose from an infinite number of colors those that will be best suited to your interior.


According to the aspirations, all our motives may be reduced or enlarged.


Each graphic unit of a pattern can be multiplied at will in the sizes and colors of your choice.