Installation and laying



Simple, because just install a profile in outskirts of your wall or ceiling (white or black) pasted, screwed or stapled (Fig. 1). The fabric is then anglese (fixed) in the profile (Fig. 2).

Impeccable quality

In the case of persistent folds due to great difficulty of the work (large number of angles, false legs and feet, etc.), These folds will disappear instantly through the action of a heat gun on the fabric and folds (Fig. 3, 4).


The overlay of spots, appliques, jacks, screens, air conditioners, or any other device is done without difficulty because the canvas is not relaxed, do not fray and does not roll on itself.


Approved installers

The exclusive process Acril'it, both simple, invisible and easy installation allowed us to have formed and very quickly train setters through the France, Europe but also the world as Dubai, Asia (China, Thailand), the USA, the Canada and Africa. All these layers are network Acril'it. Your network

The steps for the study



Take the measures. You need to measure the length and the width of the wall or the ceiling to cover.


Give us the nature of the wall (Placo, wood, concrete, etc...).


Send us photos. Have photos allows us to anticipate the placement constraints, Thus we can provide around a door, a window, the advance of a wall, pipes. Or even anticipate the possible dismantling of air conditioning, alarms, radiators, etc.


Specify the Acril'it you want (Classic, Distilling, Acoustic) and if the fabric will be monochrome or custom.

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